First Meeting of 2017

posted: Tuesday, January 3, 2017 at 4:28 PM

(From our Regional Executive, Kent Hamilton)

We had our first meeting of 2017 last night, and made some progress. Minutes will be up on the website soon for review, but here is a summary of the appointments so everybody knows who’s doing what.

First up was to fill my old Assistant RE position. Everybody in the room agreed that we wanted some Fairbanks representation on the Board, but a concern voiced from Fairbanks a few weeks ago was that the inventory duty of the Assistant RE would be difficult to do long distance. Our solution was for Paul Carter to vacate his Trustee position and he accepted the appointment as Assistant RE. Oliver Madsen was second in the voting last month for that same Trustee spot, and he accepted the appointment as Trustee.

Our complete 2017 Board is:

Kent Hamilton, RE
Paul Carter, Assistant RE
Ken Martens, Treasurer
Terrance Pearson, Secretary
Kevin Cose, 2-yr Trustee, exp. 2017
Oliver Madsen, 2-yr Trustee, exp. 2018
Chad Barnes, 1-yr Trustee
Past RE: Bill Demming and Cheryl Babbe

The other Board appointments last night were:
Rebecca Pearson, Membership Chairperson
Sayrah Mitchell, Road Rally Steward
John Buckley, SOLO Steward
Marshall Carter, Rally Cross Steward
Sharon Carter, Activities Chairperson
Tom Lewis, Public Relations Chairperson
Terrance Pearson, Region Historian/Archivist

Thanks to all who volunteered, and we’re looking forward to another great year!