Web Site Work Continues

posted: Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 5:40 PM

Welcome to the new Alaska Region SCCA website. Please be patient over the next few months as the site come together.

The focus of this site is to provide a source for everything related to Arctic Alaska SCCA Region.

The following is a list of features planned for the site:

  • Event Calendars - Members designated as Admins of the site will be able to add an event to the calendar. Events will have a specific discipline which will allow easy filtering by all members.
  • Event Results - You will be able to view the results for the region's SCCA events here in a very interactive way. Sorting and filtering will be included as well as the ability for members to tag themselves in the results. Once tagged, the results become a part of your profile so that proper stats can be gathered and displayed to you and other members.
  • Community Links - It is hoped that links will be provided for other enthusiast groups, racing venues, or anything automotive performance related.
  • Region Information - Last, but definitely not least, all region information will be available for members to view.