2017 Road Rally #2 No Way Out

Saturday, September 9, 2017

The 2017 SCCA AAR Road Rally Season continues with our first TSD event on Saturday, September 9.

Note to all interested in participating - lowered vehicles, vehicles with a low clearance, or very stiff suspensions may have difficulties completing this course. The route does include gravel and dirt roads that should be navigable with stock vehicles.

This Road Rally will be a TSD event, also known as a Touring rally. Here's the description from the SCCA web page:

Touring Rallies are RoadRally events where the emphasis is on staying on-time and arriving at each checkpoint at precisely the correct time. These are also known as Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) events and they use easy to follow route instructions to guide contestants along roads that are fun to drive. In addition to instructions which include average speeds, sometimes the mileage is given for each route instruction which makes the course even easier to follow.

This Rally will begin from the parking lot at the Potter Marsh Wildlife Viewing Boardwalk at the south end of Anchorage, 2999 E 154th Avenue, 99516. All registrations must be paid-in-full before Registration closes on Saturday September 9 at noon.

Schedule for Saturday - September 9

11:00am - Arrive at Potter Marsh parking lot

12:00pm - Registration closes, orientation begins

1:00pm - First car sent out

3:00pm - Approximate end time

All competitors will need to come by Registration upon arrival — both those who registered online and those who register at the event Saturday morning. You will then head to Tech for your vehicle inspection. Vehicles already inspected during one of our prior events in 2017, or a 2017 PCA AK event, should pass inspection quickly as long as no modifications have been performed. Remember, Road Rally events are held on public roads at legal speeds, so insurance and vehicle registration is the driver's responsibility.

Our orientation will include a brief talk by the Rallymaster. It will cover the basics of how to read the directions and how to successfully complete this event. This is event will run rain or shine so please be prepared.

Please arrive early to allow time to settle your gear, prepare your car, and get through Tech Inspection before orientation. Remember, this event is more about having a fun drive than racing, and your vehicle needs to be road-worthy.

Don't forget your Driver's License!

Weather Forecast
It's gonna be a beautiful day because there are cars involved! Duh!
Venue Information
Potter Marsh Parking Lot